Oil Rig Jobs Offer a Unique Opportunity For Employment

If you are looking for challenging and interesting employment and aren’t afraid of hard work, working an offshore job on an oil rig offers plenty of opportunity and a very unique experience. Employment on an oil rig need not be difficult manual labor, although many positions do require physical work. Offshore jobs include cooks, medics, engineers, painters, cleaning people and supervisors as well.

Oil rig jobs offer you a unique opportunity to travel and see parts of the world you have never seen. While on the rig you live in upscale hotel quality facilities and enjoy exception food. The pay is excellent and the schedule one that allows for plenty of time onshore and off from work. Oil rig workers commonly work two weeks on and three weeks off or some version of this schedule. While on board ship they work 12 hour shifts.

Working on an oil rig requires time away from home, but if you are single and looking for an interesting, well paying job, or don’t mind being away from home for weeks at a time, it may be the perfect option for you. Starting salary ranges from $40,000 to $60,000 a year for on average six months of work. This lucrative pay can provide you with the funds for travel or any other hobby or activity you wish to pursue.

Entry level positions include the maintenance roustabout whose duties include the upkeep and cleaning of the deck, the roustabout whose main responsibility is guiding the crane and supplying equipment to the rig floor, welders, scaffolders, radio operators, painters and materials man/woman who maintains stores and stocks.

Some jobs require a college degree or special training, such as the Mud Engineer who keeps track of the drilling fluids and must have a degree in chemistry and knowledge of drilling and the Rig Safety & Training Co-Ordinator that must have good communication skills, computer knowledge and knowledge of company policies and offshore safety laws. If you land an entry level position on an oil rig, it is easy to be promoted to a more advanced position.

If you’re a travel buff finding oil rig jobs in faraway places is not difficult to do. Some of the places where you can find work are Venezuela, Mexico, China, Russia, Norway, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and Canada. There are many opportunities available in the oil industry for travel and adventure. Spend your time at sea while you work and then travel the world when you are onshore.

If you are not interested in traveling and sightseeing on your time off, start your own side business or seek employment for a company that is willing to work with your off shore job’s requirements. This will boost your income and create an opportunity for future employment should you decide to quit working oil rig jobs.

Another benefit of oil rig jobs, is you don’t have to worry about the slowdown in the economy preventing you from finding lucrative work. Off shore drilling companies are always looking for workers who are willing to take on the challenges of their unique job requirements.